Take a Tour of the Gochman Family Collection, Dedicated to Contemporary Indigenous Art

Established just shy of three years ago, the Gochman Family Collection, which focuses primarily on contemporary Indigenous art, has already become one of the largest and most important its kind. In this video, collector Becky Gochman, collection director and former gallerist Zach Feuer, and artist-in-residence and co-curator Rachel Martin, give ARTnews a tour of the Upper East Side apartment that houses works by Jeffrey Gibson, Nicholas Galanin, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Kay WalkingStick, Beau Dick, James Luna, nagapoker George Morrison, and many more.For our latest edition of the Top 200 Collectors issue, ARTnews senior editor Maximilíano Durón took a deeper look at the Gochman Family Collection, from its beginnings to how it aims to change the art world. nagapoker