The Best Booths at Paris Internationale, Where Cutting-Edge Art by Emerging Stars Takes Center Stage

Returning for its ninth edition, Paris Internationale has brought together 70 exhibitors at the Central téléphonique Le Cœur, an iconic building in Paris’s 9th arrondissement that is now a dusty and somewhat dilapidated raw space. Focusing on younger galleries from across Europe, the US, and Asia, the fair largely stands in opposition to Paris+ par Art Basel, with few well-known names on view here. ligaplay88

The fair’s best grouping of paintings comes courtesy Murat Önen, whose groupings of bodies—some pictured during orgies—meld into abstractions. The booth’s central work is a triptych, You wrote me this lullaby, shows three men asleep in a bed that serves as the work’s lefthand panel. The central and righthand panels are blank pieces of grayish stretched linen, to which Önen has affixed five oil-on-paper works. In one, a figure is subsumed by flowers, while another features a body kneeling against a green wall that blurs beyond figuration. ligaplay88