The Best Booths at Untitled Art Miami Beach, From Potato Sculptures to Ominous Razors

As a jam-packed fair week here in Miami gets into full swing, two fairs opened on Tuesday: NADA in Miami proper and Untitled, which takes place on the sands of Miami Beach. royalqq

Zipping to and from each fair was the main item on everyone’s agenda. With more than 160 exhibitors, there is a lot to see. Several great booths are even spread among them.

To point you in the direction of those standout booths, below is a look at the best presentations at Untitled Miami Beach, which runs through Sunday, December 10. royalqq

Mitzi Falcon at the Ant Project

An installation featuring two rows of photographs in the center, a row of construction hard hats above, and boots on cinder blocks below.

Photo : Maximilíano Durón/ARTnews

Mexico City–based artist Mitzi Falcon’s paired photographs and found objects make up one of Untitled’s most striking booths. The photos are portraits, some of them slightly obscured, of six queer and trans construction workers. Having grown up alongside these workers, Falcon depicts them in their communities, charting how they embrace their identities. Sitting on cinder blocks below the photographs are the workers’ actual work boots. Hanging above are their hard hats, upon which their names assigned at birth have been crossed out; their chosen names have been written above.

Accompanying the installation are postcards for each of the individuals that provide more details on their age, industry, and weekly salary, as well as a short statement from each. The fiercest of these is Rosario, a 30-year-old ironworker who moved to Mexico City at 16 and started out as a sex worker to help fund her transition. She says, “One day, when I felt ready and my family’s economic situation had stabilized, I decide to leave that world. An acquaintance from my town told me that there was a construction project and invited me to work with him. … What I like most about my job is that it makes me feel so strong, so powerful.” royalqq